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Which LED lighting for the kitchen?


A kitchen is not just a kitchen anymore. We not only use our kitchen to prep our breakfast in the morning and make dinner after work. We also use it as a workplace and even as a place to relax. It is important to know that we can have 3 types of lighting, so that we can benefit from all the activities we have in our kitchen.

1. General lighting

To make sure we wake up in the morning we need to have a crisp and bright lighting, think about color code: 3000K - warm white, which illuminates the entire kitchen. For this type of lighting we recommend LED lights such as the Philips ExpertColor which have the following benefits :

  • No shadow
  • Makes the room bigger
  • Dimmable

General lighting is always the first light to turn on when you enter the kitchen. But you do want to play with the light. In the evening we like to have a cozy warm atmosphere. With the Philips SceneSwitch we can create this light without even using a dimmer!


2.Work lighting

Work lighting is required for work surfaces such as the kitchen worktop and cooker, preventing that our eyes get tired and shadow on the worktop.Under the kitchen cabinets you can use rotatable LED spots so you have the best light on your surface.
So what are the benefits for work lighting:

  • Focused lighting
  • Details are clearly visible
  • Your eyes get less tired


3.Mood lighting

In order to be able to work well in the kitchen, work and accent lighting are enough. Ambient lighting provides just that little extra, making you feel comfortable in your kitchen. With LED spotlights, there is also the option to dim it, so you can also create atmosphere in your kitchen without having to purchase additional kitchen lighting. In this case the Philips DimTone is an useful option since this bulb allows you to lower your light intensity to a comfortable relaxing glow.

You can also apply mood lighting by placing LED strips under your wall cabinets, these can be placed almost invisibly and are available in various colors.

More tips to light your kitchen:

  • Use lighting that is dimmable so you can create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.
  • LED lighting is a perfect choice for your kitchen since it is good for the environment and at least a 10.000 hour lifetime so you don’t have to replace your lighting every year.
  • With rotatable LED lighting you can also focus on nice objects in your kitchen to really enlightening them.