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What is a vintage filament LED bulb?

Restaurant Vintage LED bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs has since the 1880s been our prime light source in homes. We all remember the elegant shape and the warm glowing light from the incandescent bulb with its visible filament. Over a span of hundred years we got used to the incandescent bulb and its iconic design. It is the glass bulb, with visible filament and a warm glowing shine which continue to stand as the model with which we compare all other bulbs. Today the incandescent light bulb is almost history, it is not allowed to be produced or imported in the EU because of its inefficient use of energy. Which light bulb can we choose to get the same atmosphere and style as the incandescent light bulb?

What is a vintage LED filament bulb?

We turn to LED bulbs. The vintage LED bulbs are made in the same timeless design as the traditional incandescent light bulbs with visible glowing filaments and clear glass and are just as beautiful. The LED filament bulb emits visible light from its filaments, a structure of multiple diode’s that resemble the filaments of incandescent bulbs. The modern filament bulbs are as easy and versatile to use as its predecessor.

What is the difference between an incandescent bulb and a filament LED bulb?

Vintage LED bulb fixture

Incandescent light bulbs are made with a filament and a gas inside a glass bulb. When electricity pass through the bulb and heat up the filament light is emitted from the heated filaments. LEDs emit light when an electrical current is passed through a semiconductor. The technology of LEDs is much more energy efficient than the heating of a filament.

Of the energy used by an incandescent bulb, only 10% energy is used to produce light, the other 90% is emitted as heat. Unlike old LED technology and other LEDs, the LED filament bulb are made out of glass, designed with very small and flat filaments and has a wide 360 ° light angle. The LED filament bulbs is a combination of modern technology and the old-school design of the incandescent light bulb.

How can I decorate with the led filament bulb?

The retro filament bulb is available in several shapes, colours and colour temperatures. In recent years the LED filament bulbs have become a prominent light source in almost every home, restaurant, hotel and office. It’s modern technology but yet traditional design makes them easy to use. This fact makes them easy to apply in the interior of your home, restaurant or hotel - as decorative kitchen lamps, living room lamps, window lamps or table lamps.

Choose bulb according to the atmosphere you want to create

Before choosing your LED-filament bulb, make sure you know where you want to place it. It is important to know what mood or feeling you want to bring out and create with the light you choose for the room. This is achieved by the right color temperature. The light emitted from the LED-filament bulbs is generally warmer than other types of lamps. Therefore they are perfect to use for decorative purposes and mood lighting. Vintage style filament bulbs are available in glowing warm and very warm white colour temperatures of 2000K up to 2700K. The lower Kelvin value, the warmer the light is.

Filament bulb glow

Filament bulb shape

The retro bulbs are beautiful both on and off. The visible filament emits a warm, pleasant glow when lit and works as a spectacular decoration when off.

Which socket does the vintage bulb have?

The most common socket we have in our homes today is the E27 and the E14 socket. Convenient enough the vintage filament bulb are available with the same socket. This makes a change from your old light bulb to new led bulbs very easy, you only need to screw them into your lamp fixture or vintage bulb holder.

Osram vintage 1906 led bulb

Create a stylish suspended light with several light sources. Hang them over your kitchen table for a warm and pleasant light. For this installation you need bulbs, pendant bulb holder and hooks. These beautifully designed bulbs in clear and golden glass you only need to screw into the holder. In the picture you see the retro designed light bulb collection “Osram Vintage 1906”. The collection is a tribute to the early 19 century expression and is named after the year Osram was founded.

What shapes and colours are the LED filament bulbs available in?

retro bulbs

With LED filament bulbs you can get the same feel and atmosphere as with the old style incandescent bulbs. The retro bulb have different shapes and colour of the glass. Choose between the traditional Edison bulb, the tubular bulb, the popular globe bulb or our new vintage bulb assortment of bulbs in different shapes of stars, grapes, harts and more.

It is also possible to choose bulbs with clear, gold or dark golden glass. The shape of the filaments itself is also changing. Now you can also find the retro bulb with exciting new filament shapes, like the bulb with spiral filament.

LED filament bulbs work well as decorative mood lighting in restaurants, hotels and every room in the house. Hang them one by one for a elegant light or in groups to create an engrossing light installation.

Is the vintage bulb dimmable?

Yes, the vintage led filament bulb is dimmable. Save energy and change light depending on the activity. Find dimmable bulbs here.

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