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Welcome the new Philips CorePro LED PL-C

Get ready to welcome one of the newest additions to our online store. Ladies & Gentlemen… Philips CorePro LED PL-C!

 Philips CorePro LED PL-C 4P appear to be just like the traditional compact fluorescent lamp. However, it also provides you with all benefits that come with using LED technology.

Check below the new arrivals:

  • consumes 6.5W and is suitable to replace a fluorescent compact lamp of 18W. It is equipped with a G24q-2 socket.
  • consumes 9W and is suitable to replace a fluorescent compact lamp of 26W. It is equipped with a G24q-3 socket.

Both the products offer a colour temperature of 3000K, a warm white. You can also find the 4000K alternative.

Can I replace my old fluorescent compact lamp with one of these new light bulbs?

Checking the socket is the first step to find out if the new CorePro LED PL-C is suitable for you. Please notice that the new Philips CorePro LED PL-C alternatives have 4 Pins. They cannot replace fluorescent compact lamps with 2 Pins.

However, we have simplified your research by listing for you the products that can be replaced.

Don’t forget the colour temperature. As mentioned above the CorePro LED PL-C offers 3000K and 4000K, respectively a warm white and a bright white. If your old lamp has a different colour temperature, you can still purchase one of our Philips CorePro LED PL-C alternatives, this will not affect the efficiency of the lamp. However, you should be aware that the light output may differ.

What if my lamp does not match one of the products mentioned above?

It can happen that your fixture is equipped with fluorescent compact lamps that have different sockets, 2 Pin rather than 4, different wattage or higher/lower colour temperature than the products we mentioned above.

This does not mean that you will need to stick to fluorescent technology forever.

Dit betekent niet dat u voor altijd spaarlampen dient te gebruiken.

First of all you can navigate through category. On the left of the screen, you can easily interact with our filters which will help you to shortlist our vast range of products.

Otherwise, you can also consider replacing the entire fixture. Say goodbye to the fluorescent compact lamps and purchase an efficient LED fixture. Here you can find al the LED downlights we offer.

What happens to the Ballast of my fluorescent compact lamps?

By adopting the Philips CorePro LED PL-C, you will not need to change the ballast.

However, we advice to think about replacing the old ballast as it can damage the new LED lamps. For instance, affecting their lifetime, efficiency and the quality of the light output.