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What is Philips SlimBlend?

Good lighting reduces the risk of health problems, improves safety and increases productivity in the company. Nowadays new constructed buildings often include a high ceiling to maximize the available light input and optimize the natural ventilation. That reduces the free space and therefore slim fixtures are more required.

"Lighting works optimally if it is not noticed."

Drawing LED Panel

Philips has announced the availability of its new SlimBlend product family. The product line is specifically designed for lighting in work environments and is now available for the European market. The lighting solutions are for large application areas such as offices, education, healthcare and hospitality. The products meet all EU standards and reduce glare to a minimum level. All products of the series are characterised by their slim design and come in different variations for every application.

Why Philips SlimBlend?

Slimblend sensor

The new product family has been specifically designed to provide pleasant and user-friendly lighting for office workers. The fixtures use the entrapped light under the cover to create an optimal glow with a smooth transition to the edge. So the light output and brightness perception is optimized in the working environment. Due to the integrated sensors it is possible to integrate them into a new or recent lighting system. As a result, data can be collected for use to reduce more energy costs and increase employee comfort.


Thanks to the different types of installation, SlimBlend is suitable for every type of ceiling. They are available in different shapes and can either be recessed, suspended or mounted.


LED Panel 30x120

LED Panel 60x60


Benefits of Philips Slimblend

Energy efficient: Reduces energy consumption by up to 60% compared to conventional fixtures. Can be additionally integrated into a lighting system for even greater savings.

Longevity and diversity: Lifetime of 50,000 hours (approximately 15 years in an average use); available in various shapes, color temperatures and lumens.

Fast payback: Low energy and replacement costs. Optimal ratio between investment costs and return; Amortization usually takes place within 3 years.

Flexible lighting solution: All products of this family fit easily into a standard ceiling system and replace conventional fixtures 1:1. In addition, they are available in recessed, suspended and mounted versions.