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Philips LEDspot ExpertColor

Philips Master LED ExpertColor GU10

LED with the most beautiful colours and perfect dimming


The best colours of a beautiful appearance and dimmable LED, that's the Philips ExpertColor LED lamp. We are ofthen asked the following question: "Is the colour display of LED, warm and comfortable?" The answer is "yes".


Philips ExpertColor lamps are high quality retrofit replacements of the GU10 halogen lamp with a very high colour fastness. The colour rendering is expressed by the Colour Rendering Index (CRI). The ExpertColor lamps score 97 on a scale of 100. This allows them to create almost perfect and lifelike colours, such as halogen.

With LED, colour display has always been a challenge, but Philips has managed to realize the same colours as halogen with the ExpertColor LED lamps. That makes the ExpertColor lamp the perfect replacement for your halogen bulbs. In addition, this lamp looks exactly the same as a halogen bulb and can replace them 1-on-1.


The ExpertColor is perfect for hotels, restaurants and other sensitive areas. These LED lamps are available in 3 colors:


  • Very warm white: 2700 Kelvin for home use, restaurant
  • Warm white : 3000 Kelvin for hotel, office, reception, display, shops
  • Cool white: 4000 Kelvin for example lightening jewellers

Perfectly dimmable


These GU10 LED lamps are excellent and dimmable also naturally dimming back to 5% without the LED lights blinking. Philips tests these ExpertColor lamps on many different dimmers. Therefore, you do not have to worry about dimming problems.


In addition to increasing the ambience and appearance of your light, dimming also offers the benefit of lower power consumption and longer life. With these Philips ExpertColor LED lamps you can save 90% on your electricity consumption (£11.25 savings per year). Also, these lamps last 20 times longer than a halogen lamp.

Wattages and degree bundles


These LED spots have a GU10 lamp cap and are available in 2 wattages. The 3.9W replaces 35W halogen lamps and the 5.5W replaces 50W halogen lamps.


The ExpertColor LED lamps have 2 types of degree bundles: a narrow (25D) and a wide (36D) degree beam. A degree beam (or light beam) indicates the surface where the light of a light source actually shines. If you are in doubt about the degree beam, always choose the wide degree beam. This gives the most beautiful light effect in most situations.

Choose your ExpertColor LED spot

Philips Master LED ExpertColor GU10 35W 50W

Watch the video below to see the ExpertColor LED spot in action: