No need to be an electrician to know there is something wrong when your light bulb is flickering. But what exactly ?


What is bulb flickering ?

LED flickering is an issue many people encounter. It is one of the most annoying predicaments possible with lighting. Flickering light reminds of scary movies but for a lot of people, it is a daily situation. Electricity is meant to keep our homes safe and comfortable, flickering lights are the complete opposite.

What can I do ?

When facing the problem, the best is to try switching your old bulb for a new LED one. LED lights are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You should be able to find the perfect bulb suited to your needs. Before replacing your bulb, always make sure the power is off and the bulb has cooled down. If your bulb is still flickering after you switched to the new LED bulb, you might want to check other alternatives.

What is causing the flickers ?

In most cases, flickering lights are caused by a simple drop or variation of the voltage, making the light dim for an instant. However, there are other options you need to check :

Light type. It is safe to say that fluorescents lights are more inclined to flicker. Indeed, temperature, age of the bulb and warm-up sequences constrain fluorescent lights to flicker.

If your fluorescent light is flickering a bit when you turn it on, there is nothing to worry about. This is the normal procedure for a fluorescent light to switch on. Nowadays, there are LED alternatives to fluorescent lights. You can check our offer of LED CFL bulbs, LED tubes and LED panels.

Dimmers. Dimming the intensity of your lightbulb can actually cause flickers. Indeed, most dimmer switches are built for higher electrical loads. Therefore, low-voltage LED bulbs can flicker if they are combined with high-power dimmer switch. The best is to check the compatibility of your dimmer with the bulb before buying a new light source.

Faulty connections. Flickers can be caused by faulty connections in your fixture or installation. You might want to switch on and off the light and check if the flicker is coming from there.

If you are not sure about the reason causing the flickers, it is recommended to get advices from a professional to be sure of fixing it correctly.

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