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LED Retro and Vintage Bulbs

retro bulbs

There is always a lot going on in the world of LED lighting. After all, the varied tastes and needs of the customers are changing and must be satisfied. However, it is particularly noticeable that one specific trend has been persistent for years. Called retro and vintage lighting - But what are they and where are the differences? The answer is simple, retro products don’t have to be old, they can be brand new, but are made in the style of the item they are trying to replicate. On the contrary vintage describes items which were also made in the past. Here, the style design refers to the age of the item - products mean to look used.

You can say that all vintage products are retro, but not necessary the other way around.

What are LED Retro Bulbs?

Retro LED bulbs are simply modern LED bulbs designed after the traditional incandescent bulb. Up until the last years, LEDs have looked fairly unconventional. The reason is primarily due to the use of flat LED chips, that have provided only little space in terms of design flexibility. Manufacturers such as Osram, Philips and Sylvania have developed unique technology (LED Filament) to arrange chip based LEDs vertically inside a bulb to mimic a traditional light pattern of an incandescent bulb.

Are Retro LED Bulbs dimmable?

dimmer symbol

Incidentally, the terms retrofit or retro do not give any indication of the dimmability of the LED bulb, although that "retro" bulbs from the past were consistently dimmable without any problems. Nowadays many LED models prefer to work with specific LED dimmers and do not respond correctly to low-cost or conventional dimmers outside the manufacturer's compatibility lists.

Nevertheless you should always pay attention to the packaging labeling with the dimmer switch. If it is printed on the package, you can be sure to really able to regulate the light intensity of the bulb. If it is crossed out, your bulb is not controllable by a dimmer.

With the retro LED bulbs from Philips and Osram you can additionally dim the color temperature per DimTone and GlowDim:

Where are Retro LED Bulbs used?

LED retro bulbs come in all shapes and sizes just like an incandescent. Those bulbs are available with the classic sockets (E14, E27 and B22). The LEDs are even available in even super warm color temperatures (2200K) and coated glass to provide a better vintage look just like the original Edison filament bulb. These bulbs are perfect for restaurants, bars, retail stores, or even private homes that wish to show off fixtures where a typical LED just wouldn't look proper.

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