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LED lighting for parking areas

Light creates trust and safety, especially when people are walking alone to their vehicle at night. Also surveillance cameras only make sense if the light is sufficient enough for the immediate identification of suspicious activity. Businesses often run large parking areas for their employees - plus additionally spaces for customers and visitors around the building. Nowadays the focus on energy efficiency in regards to outdoor lighting is gaining more importance, especially for industrial companies with shift work, where effective lighting is even needed 24 hours a day. Here, companies are increasingly turning to intelligent LED lighting solutions that specifically accompany employees and visitors as they make their way across the parking areas. Our energy-efficient, glare-free LED fixtures from well-known brands such as Philips, Noxion and Osram guarantee high-quality illumination of parking areas.

Which LED lights are for use at parking areas?

parking lots

Parking lots

Parking lots and paths should always be well lit for safety reasons. On the circulation areas shared by vehicles and pedestrians, the need for efficient lighting is higher than on parking areas. Good lighting not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also ensures that employees, customers and guests feel safe.

For the parking lot, LED flood lights and pole lights with a wide-beam angle are necessary for light sources like: SOX LED, high pressure sodium and ceramic outdoor lamps.

Whether you are looking for a replacement or alternative, you should always consider LED lighting. Although there is some upfront investment, the technology continues to advance and the price has been decreasing in the past years.

park lots with cars

Parking garages

Car parks are architecturally usually confusing and do not offer a lot of free space. Darkness and missing guidance systems are reasons which lead to bad orientation for non-local drivers and increase the risk of accidents. A well lit parking area with clearly identifiable signs, vehicles, lanes as well as doors, elevators and stairs provide safety to drivers and pedestrians.

Nowadays Intelligent control systems allow the lights to be dimmed, if no people are nearby. Additionally the use of water/dust resistant LED fixtures with emergency modules and motion sensors are of great advantage.

Remember that according to EN12464-1: 2011, different areas in parking garages need different amount of light and different types of lighting depending on the glare, security and general lighting.

parking lot
parking lots with cars
parking garage with cars
empty parking garage

Benefits for LED lighting in parking areas

  • Best economic efficiency:
    Save up to 80 % energy and maintenance costs through the long lifetime and low power consumption of our LED solutions.

  • Optimal lighting design:
    Ensures a safely lit area around the clock for customers, employees and guests.

  • Convincing technology:
    A large part of our lighting solutions are dimmable and come along with sensor technology. Additionally LED lighting is environmental friendly and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Best LED lights for parking areas