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LED light for office

Why use a better LED light at office?

Since the 90’s there has been a huge improvement in work conditions of human resources. In all fields, including also the lighting in our work places. A better lighting pledges to maximize performance of the employees and their well being. So that if employees of a company feel good, the company takes benefits from it too. And Led light office are part of it. Besides, we can’t forget about the planet. Implement the right fixtures, office complying with LED technology will allow to save energy, decrease costs and enhance the ecological footprint.


Which LED lights for use in office ?

In order to provide the best LED light in office, you have to apply certain rules in that regard. First of all, it is advised to use a light close to outside natural light.This, in order to maintain a high visual comfort and good performances at work. Thus, we have to find the right deal between quantity and quality of the lighting. There are some fixtures in our range which can provide those criterias.
Those different lights are eco friendly.

Noxion LED Panel UGR <19

Noxion LED panel is a fixture that is office complying. It has some specifics which allows to work in the best conditions. LED panels will combinate visual comfort, energy savings and easy maintenance. In accordance with EU standards EN 12464-1, it has got an Unified Glare Rate below 19, meaning it is “flicker free” and can not stun your eyes. Easy to install, it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. It also possessed IP 04 relative to protection for dust.
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Philips Coreline Downlights

Philips Coreline Downlights will combine esthetism and luminous efficiency. These fixtures with a particular design will provide a nice lighting for office. Philips Coreline Downlights are really thin, easy to install and will provide the extra comfort for the happiness of your employees. With an average lifetime of 50000 hours and a 5 year guarantee, this product will help you to optimize your operational costs.
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Noxion recessed spot LED

Recessed Noxion spots LED are part of the fixtures called office complying. With an UGR below 16, you are respected the EU standards provided. You could take benefit from a high visual comfort affiliated to a CRI (Color render indicator) above 90. With an average lifetime of 50000 hours, it complies with IP 20 and IP 04.
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Need advice on LED lighting?

Our team of specialists is waiting for you. Please contact us to be informed about an approved light solution in relation with the standard or make an appointment for a lighting test on location.