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Is LED light bad for your health?



In the last several years there are more and more questions about the influence of LED lighting on your health. This is because the incandescent lamp has been banned and LED lights becoming a lot more popular, since they save you a lot of money. But what does LED actually do to you and is LED in your home really bad for your health?


First of all, it is important to know the difference between LED lighting and other lighting sources.



What effect does the incandescent bulb have on your health?

We all know the incandescent bulb. Nice warm light but a very short lifetime and very bad for the environment. So they indirectly certainly affect our health. The incandescent bulbs are no longer being produced and therefore no longer relevant.


What effect does the fluorescent tube have on your health?

If one lamp is bad for our health it is the fluorescent tube. Due the flashing and flickering light, even so fast we are not even aware of it, it affects our eyes. It is therefore highly recommended to replace the ‘old TL’ tubes for LED tubes. With LED tubes you will no longer suffer from blinking because they give a much more stable light, making it better for your eyes and your health.




What effect does the energy-saving (CFL) bulb have on your health?

Energy saving bulbs seem very innocent but are full of mercury. If a lamp breaks down, the toxic vapor can remain hanging around in the air for weeks. Also energy-saving bulbs emit an electromagnetic radiation which can lead to health problems if you are close to it.


What effect does a halogen bulb have on your health?

Halogen bulbs contain some heavy metals that can only be released if they break down. The danger is in the transformator, it emits low-frequency magnetic radiation. These radiations are harmful to your health, especially because the radiation is still measurable at a greater distance and even continues when the light is switched off.


Now that we know the effect of the other lighting, the question is what exactly does LED lighting do with our health.

LED lighting contains virtually no toxic substances unless the lamps are really ground into dust. What you will not do in practice, of course. This means you will not come into contact with substances that can be bad for your health.


But what about the harmfulness of the light itself?

The light color of a bulb is largely responsible for whether or not the lighting is harmful to our health. Until a few years ago we only knew LED lighting as blue or bright white color. Fortunately that is a thing of the past and LED is now also available in beautiful warm colors. However, this blue and white light caused disruption of our sleep patterns with all the damaging consequences. The modern LED lighting as we know it now is just as safe in light color as the incandescent light bulb and many times safer than the light of laptops, phones and tablets.


The conclusion, is LED lighting harmful to your health?

Actually, this is all too overrated. LED lighting has far fewer disadvantages than most other lighting. The only light source that could win in terms of health effects of the LED bulb is the old-fashioned incandescent light bulb, but it has been withdrawn from the market. Furthermore, the LED bulbs are getting better and all lamps are equipped with safety requirements after 2012 with regard to the light color and intensity. These standards only apply in Europe so make sure you know where your lighting comes from. In this way, all our LED bulbs meet these standards so you can start to replace your old bulbs with LEDs and ensure better health!