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What is the influence of LED light on sport performances?

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"Light is at the center of everything"

LED technology has shown the extent of its benefits. It lights up longer, more efficiently and consumes much less energy than metal halide lamps or fluorescents for example. LEDs have also proven their efficiency in their ability to promote performance work. In the same way, LED is involved in sports. Explanations.

Sport hall

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Good lighting in sports halls guarantees a visual comfort for the sportsmen, as well as a pleasant visual environment. The light output must be high to ensure a harmonious distribution of light. All this combines will have the effect of putting the sportsman/woman in the best mental and physical arrangements to practice his sporting activity. To achieve these results, it is necessary to put in a place a modern LED lighting concept. In addition, optimization of the lighting system has economic benefits. Thus, it will be possible to save up to 80% of energy compared to traditional solutions.

Outdoor stadium

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To practice outdoor sports, good lighting is essential. First and foremost, an uniform and flicker free lighting will allow to practice activities in the best conditions. They will be able to exchange the ball in ideal conditions of clarity. In team effort sport, they will perceive the ball and their environment in a perfect color rendering and brightness to bring their team to victory. In baseball for example, the baseball player has half-hundredth of a second to react and hit the small ball. The vision and brightness must be optimal to ensure a good reaction to lead the team to a walk-off home run! Therefore a high colour rendering without glare is essential. The layout of the lighting should be thought upstream to avoid annoyance due to shaded areas on the field. Last but not the least, it’s important that the fixture is water resistant and robust. Due to the outside conditions, these lights must have IP65 or IP66 certification.

To conclude, at the level of sports facilities, LED lighting has its importance. Its energy efficiency and its influence on the state of mind of athletes allows them to optimize their performance. The installation must be carefully thought out to maximize movement and visibility. So that sport activities could be practice safely. Athletes could enhanced their vision, comfort, visual performance and put themselves in the right place before and during the game. LED lighting will help improve the entire environment around a sporting event. This can also have an effect for sport broadcasting. Here we recall an anecdote about the break of more than 30 minutes during the 2013 Super Bowl. Metal Halide lamps have delayed the continuity of the event because they require a little time to start before running full. This does not happen with LED lighting, they start instantly!

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