LED strips and LED bars are used where other lighting solutions don’t fit due to lack of space. Because they use up so little space they fit in the smallest corners and gaps. The strips with LED technology are mostly used for indoor and outdoor indirect lighting, but can also be used for general lighting. We explain the difference between the two types of LED strips and which things to keep in mind when choosing your LED strip.

LED strip with warm white light

The most important information at a glance:

  • LED strips are flexible, can be shortened to your liking and are fixed with adhesive tape
  • there are also rigid LED strips, so-called LED bars, which are fixed mechanically and are suitable for all surfaces
  • strips are usually operated with 12V or 24V
  • when choosing the power supply, pay attention to the required voltage and the wattage of the light

What Is the Difference Between LED Strips and LED Bars?

LED strips are flexible lighting bands. LED bars however are rigid and cannot be bent. Strips can be shortened and attached with adhesive tape. Light bars require to be fixed mechanically and have a fixed length.

Closeup of LED strip

What are the Advantages of LED Strips?

A LED strip consists of plastic and are mounted with LED diodes. They are available in different lengths and also come in different widths. Some strips have a single row of LED diodes, wider variations feature two rows of diodes.

  • flexible:

    A LED strip is bendy and therefore conforms to round or angular objects. That means that it can be used almost everywhere.

  • flexible length:

    The strips are available as rolled goods of up to 5m in length.You can cut the strip with customary scissors and can thus create a custom lighting solution. Please pay attention to only cut the strip at the marked spots. These spots are marked with a scissor symbol.

  • easy to control:

    Depending on the product, you can control your led strip via smartphone, remote control or use the controller unit directly attached to the strip.

What Are the Advantages of LED Bars?

A LED bar is a rigid, not flexible alternative to LED strips. The strip is usually fixed to an aluminium bar.

  • rigid:

    LED bars are rigid and can be easily fixed with screws.

  • mechanical mounting for permanent fixation:

    LED bars are mounted mechanically, e.g. with screws. This makes them ideal for surfaces where adhesive tape doesn’t stick well, such as wood, stone or plaster. In general, LED bars can be used for all even surfaces.

  • extremely robust:

    The bars usually consist of aluminium and are extremely robust.

How Do I Mount LED Strips?

LED strips come with an adhesive tape and are therefore self-adhesive. You can very easily attach them to the desired surface. Due to the low weight a time-consuming mounting is not required. The strips are especially well suited for metal (e.g. aluminium), tiles and glass. Please make sure the surface is clean and dry before mounting the LED strip to it.

Which Power Supply Is Required For LED Strips and LED Bars?

Usually, LED strips and bars are operated with a voltage of 12 or 24V. They require a transformer for properly operating. If you have a product that runs on 230V, no transformer is required. This means, you have to select the power supply according to the voltage of the LED strip. The wattage is also a decisive factor. The power supply should have as much wattage as the light uses. Add a buffer so the power supply is not constantly operated on 100% of its wattage. We recommend a buffer of 20%.

When using a dimmable LED driver, a lot of LED strips can be dimmed as well. Please pay attention to the technical information of the products. The dimming is controlled via app or remote control.

Where Can I Use LED Strips and LED Bars?

LED strips and LED bars are suitable for different applications: set decorative accents, use the light as orientation or for indirect lighting. These lighting solutions are also commonly used in kitchens as an alternative for base units to light up the worktops, or also in bathrooms.

Please pay attention to a sufficient IP rating when using LED strips in your kitchen or bathroom. We recommend a rating of IP44 so the lights are protected against foreign objects, such as dust, and humidity.

LED strips and bars with a warm white light colour are suitable for living and bedrooms. Behind the TV, a painting or furniture indirect lighting makes for subtle lighting and thanks to the light colour also ensures a comfortable ambiance. Learn more about colour temperature by reading our blog post Which colour temperature for LED?.

Coloured LED strips can be used for specific purposes:

Coloured LED strips can also be used for specific purposes: The colour green symbolises nature and creates a calming atmosphere. Blue is associated with the ocean and the sky and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Yellow is connected with the sunlight. It promotes creativity. The colour red ensures a comfortable ambiance. And just in case you can’t decide on a single colour: Some LED strips are multicolour and can therefore change colours.

LED strip 5M 24W green

LED strips can also be used as outdoor lighting. Just pay attention that the lighting is waterproof. They need to have a minimum level of protection of IPX4. With these products, you can highlight the handrails of your balcony or increase security by lighting up the steps leading to your terrace. Products that are classified as IPX8 are completely waterproof and can even be used under water.

LED strips and bars can also be used for professional use, such as illuminated advertising or lighting of large logos.

We recommend:

LED strip 5M 24W 2700K

  • extra warm white
  • 50,000 hrs lifetime
  • 24 W
  • 5 m long, 8 mm wide
  • 3 year guarantee

LED strip 5M 24W 6000K

  • daylight
  • 50,000 hrs lifetime
  • 24 W
  • 5 m long, 8 mm wide
  • 3 year guarantee

LED strip 5M 24W Blue

  • blue
  • 50,000 hrs lifetime
  • 24 W
  • 5 m long, 8 mm wide
  • 3 year guarantee

LED strip 5M 24W Red

  • red
  • 50,000 hrs lifetime
  • 24 W
  • 5 m long, 8 mm wide
  • 3 year guarantee


LED lighting in general is extremely energy efficient and has a long lifetime, making it the perfect solution for your requirements. Curious? Discover our large range of products!