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How do I choose the right LED panel?

LED integrated panels provide a high-quality professional lighting solution with optimal energy savings for companies, schools, supermarkets and offices. LED panels are the ideal solution for placement in standard ceiling systems and can replace existing fluorescent fixtures. High quality LED panels have an even light output, clean finish, long lifetime, low maintenance, dust-free and most important a much lower energy consumption.


Older 60x60 cm fluorescent fixtures with 4x18W fluorescent tubes and ballasts can be replaced instantly, for example, with a 33W LED panel. This means your wattage usage will go directly from 79W to 33W and save more than 60% on your energy bill the next day.


Dimension and color LED panels:

The most common dimensions of LED panels are 60x60cm or 30x120cm. These sizes correspond to standard ceiling panels in ceiling systems. However, our advice is always to check the size of your ceiling system


Dimension and color LED panels:


  • Color 830 = 3000 Kelvin: Warm white
  • Color 840 = 4000 Kelvin: Cold white, most sold light color for office use
  • Color 865 = 6500 Kelvin: Daylight


LED panels in the office or in classroom:

Workplaces in the office or classrooms must comply with European standards and follow the rules that are described in detail in the EN 12464-1 standard lighting requirements. These light requirements ensure that office workers can perform their work satisfactorily and productively. Or that students can perceive and learn optimally. For office work places and classrooms, an UGR value of <19 is required. Many people notice flickering with standard fluorescent fixtures. Two examples of flicker-free LED panels that meet the standards and guidelines:


Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm 33W 4000K UGR<19
Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm 33W 4000K UGR<19 | Cold white - replaces 4x18W

Noxion LED Panel Pro 30x120cm 33W 4000K UGR<19
Noxion LED Panel Pro 30x120cm 33W 4000K UGR<19 | Cold White - replaces 2x36W

For general areas such as a waiting area, corridor, coffee corners and so on, a LED panel with UGR <22 can be used. If you have questions about which UGR value fits your lighting requirements, please contact our light experts.


Easy to install:

When purchasing a LED panel, the driver is included. The driver is connected directly to the mains voltage (220-240V) / euro jack. The installation of LED panels can be done in 3 easy ways


  1. Directly clamped in the frame of a system ceiling
  2. Mounting kit for wall or ceiling mounting (surface mounting kit)
  3. Pendant set for hanging mounting on the ceiling
  4. Due to the various mounting possibilities, LED panels can be placed in almost every office or other indoor space. Frames and commuting systems for LED panels are available separately

We offer 5 years warranty on high quality LED panels. For advice and question, please contact our customer service team..