LED lights with 12 volts are the ideal replacement for conventional low-voltage halogen lamps. By using LED technology you achieve high energy savings, profit from a significantly longer product lifetime and a very high light quality. When switching from halogen to LED, pay attention to the right socket. We also recommend to replace the existing transformer since 12 volt led lights fall below the required minimum load of halogen transformers.


The most important information at a glance:

  • 12 volt led spots replace low-voltage halogen lamps
  • all 12 volt LED lights require a transformer for converting the voltage
  • most halogen transformers are not suitable for LEDs since the minimum load of the transformer is too high
  • for dimming, the transformer needs to be dimmable
  • application areas for 12 volt led lights are numerous, often they are used as accent lighting, led strips are common for areas where space is critical
  • 12 volt LED lights are suitable for caravans and campers and protect the battery

12 Volt LED Spots: What Do I Need to Know?

LED spots with 12 volts are the ideal for conventional low-voltage halogen lamps. Please pay attention to the distance between the pins of the socket:

  • GU5.3: two pins with a distance of 5.3 mm to each other, reflector MR16 with a diameter of 51 mm
  • G53: two pins with a distance of 53 mm to each other, reflector AR111 with a diameter of 111 mm
  • GU4: two pins with a distance of 4 mm to each other, reflector MR11 with a diameter of 35 mm

Are 12 Volt LED Spots Dimmable?

Yes, low-voltage spots are generally dimmable, no matter if halogen or LED. In any case, you need to use a compatible dimmer. But the transformer also needs to be dimmable. You can find this information in the product specifications.

12 Volt LED Transformers: What Do I Need to Know?

Osram HTM 70VA 230V Transformator 12V | Halogen/LED
Osram HTM 70VA 230V Transformator 12V | Halogen/LED

All 12 volt halogen lamps are operated with a transformer. The transformer transforms the voltage from 230 V from the socket to the 12 volt required for operating the lamp. A transformer is also required when switching from halogen to LED. The minimum load of the transformer can be problematic, however. A transformer requires this minimum load in order to operate properly. Due to the low energy consumption of the 12 volt led lights this minimum load is generally not reached. This means that the led spots don’t work as they should. Therefore, we recommend renewing the existing transformer when switching from halogen to energy saving LED. This new transformer should meet the minimum load of the wattage of the LEDs. A suitable product is, for example, the LED transformer Osram HTM Halotronic.

By using the suitable led transformer, you ensure a high quality of light without flickering of light. In addition, the led lights reach their maximum lifetime due to the combination of the suitable transformer.

Do LED Spotlights Need a Transformer?

LED spotlights require a led transformer only when they operate on 12 volts. All LED spotlights with a voltage of 230 V don’t require a transformer. You can find the information on the voltage on the product pages.


Please pay attention to a sufficient distance between the transformer and the other components. Due to the heat development, the minimum distance in the installation manual should not be less than indicated. If you want to know more about LED, transformers, minimum load and volts, we recommend our blog post How do I find the right transformer?

Where Are 12 Volt LEDs Used?

LED lights with 12 volts are used in various applications. LED spots are a popular accent lighting for living and bed rooms. They can also be used in hotels, restaurants, art galleries and museums. Here, a warm white colour temperature is used for creating an inviting and comfortable ambience.

LED strips also operate on 12 volts and are used for indirect lighting. They are extremely space-saving and therefore can be installed in places difficult to access. LED strips are available in the usual colour temperatures, as well as in colours such as red, green and blue.

G4 LEDs with 12 volts are LED capsule bulbs. Due to their small size G4 LEDs are mainly used as accent lighting. They are often found in cabinets or furniture lighting. Also, they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

couple in front of caravan at night

12 Volt LED Lights for Campers, Caravans and Boats

12 volt LEDs are also commonly used in campers and caravans. A special advantage is the longer lifetime of the battery. That way, you can stand independently longer when camping. This is possible because LEDs save up to 90% energy. Pay attention to the 12V LEDs for your campers and caravans are of high quality and voltage stabilized. Because a charged camper battery has up to 14 volts tension. If the LEDs continuously run on this higher tension, this can cause a lamp defect.

12 volt lights are also used in cars. Switching to LED for your car is difficult: LED retrofits have the same socket but are not standardized in any other way. Lamp measurements and other specifications can therefore differ and are not road legal.

Our Bestselling 12 Volt LED Lights:

Philips CorePro LEDspot LV GU5.3 MR16

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  • 1 year guarantee

Osram Parathom GU4 MR11

  • 2.5-4 W
  • 5 years lifetime
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Philips LEDspot G53 AR111 | Dimmable

  • 11-20 W
  • 13 years lifetime
  • dimmable
  • 5 years guarantee