At, we often receive requests for fluorescent compact lamps to use in downlight. What you probably don’t know is that there is a smarter solution.



This article has basically been written by you, our customers.


The data retrieved from your orders gave us the idea of providing you with a more beneficial solution for your downlight recessed fixtures.


From our online store, many of you requested, and still do, Philips and Osram fluorescent compact lamps, such as the following products:



These lamps have the same specifications, both consuming 26W and offering a luminous flux of 1800lm.


From this you know you require two of these lamps to be installed in your downlight fixture and an additional driver that consume 14W on its own. Therefore, the total consumption of one of your downlight fixtures is 66W.


If there was a solution that could help you to save energy and consequently  money on your energy bill, wouldn’t you consider it? We can provide you with such alternative.


LED Downlight 24W 4000K is a downlight equipped with LED technology. If you click on the link, you will discover the innovative features which you can benefit from.


The lamp we advice consume 24W. Do you remember the extra 14W consumed by the driver in addition  to the lamps’ wattage? By adopting this LED alternative, you can forget about it.


What is stopping you from purchasing this product may be concerns about the quality of its luminous flux. You may be surprised to learn that the luminous flux of this LED fixture is almost 2000lm, even higher than the fluorescent compact’s ones.


You will only need to replace your old fixture with the new LED product and transform the voltage in 220V. The rest will just be a benefit.



Purchase here LINDEN LED downlight