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How to decorate and save with Retro LED lamps

The atmosphere for bars or restaurants is just important as fine cuisine, fancy cocktails or excellent service. A sophisticated light will enable you to create a pleasant environment and clearly portray your brand. As your customers walk in, they should be convinced they made the best decision by choosing your venue. From coffee to dinner, the selection of the correct lighting solution will undoubtedly create the comfort and intimacy your customers desire.

Make sure that the vintage LED light bulbs match the interior

Considering hotels, bars, and restaurants, the idea is to research products that would match the interior design of the venue. Also helps the visitors to feel at home thanks to a pleasant light output and a warm color temperature. Incandescent or halogen lamps were commonly installed to achieve this light. Their trendy shape has always been a popular alternative for any type of interior. Their warm color temperature and excellent luminous flux provide customers with a cozy environment, suitable for special moments.

However, energy efficiency and long lifetime are certainly not advantages you can expect from lamps equipped with these technologies. Nowadays you can have more. In fact, the most important protagonists of the lighting landscape, such as Osram and Philips, have launched a type of bulb called “LED Retro”.

The filament and the shape of these products simulate the appearance of the traditional bulbs. Thanks to this upgrade, the interior design of your venue will not experience any change, while your costs will fall considerably.

Equipped with the ultimate technology, these vintage bulbs will help you to cut down on energy and maintenance costs, representative of a big piece of the venue’s expenses pie. It is possible to gain up to 80% of your energy-saving and benefit from a lifespan that can be 15 times longer than traditional bulbs.

Top 5 Retro LED bulbs for bars restaurants and hotels

Providing your company with good and atmospheric lighting can be a challenge. To help you decorate and save money, we have listed our top 5 LED retro bulbs here!

Choosing the right color temperature and wattage

Making the right choice in terms of light color, wattage and other options such as the dimming of an LED retro bulb can seem difficult. If you prefer a light and modern interior (day catering), it is best to choose a light color between 2400 and 2700 Kelvin. For a darker interior (nightlife) it is best to choose lighting with a softer character between 2000 and 2200 Kelvin. Would you like to know more about dimming a Retro LED bulb? Click here to read more about dimming Retro LED bulbs. In addition to the color temperature, the look of the lamps also plays a significant role in enticing customers.

Color temperature Features
1800 Kelvin Extra ambient, corresponds to candlelight
2000 - 2200 Kelvin Very atmospheric light with a soft character
2400 - 2700 Kelvin Atmospheric light. Slightly brighter/stronger in brightness
4000 Kelvin Cool white. Suitable for reading/studying, among other things