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Build a DIY cube lamp from wood

Building a lamp yourself is easy with this DIY project. We show you how to build a cube lamp out of wood. Thanks to the perforated paper used, a great light effect is created, which makes your DIY lighting a beautiful eye-catcher. Combined with a warm white LED lamp, you will create a cozy atmosphere. So, give it a try!


  1. What you need for your cube lamp
  2. Instructions: How to build your DIY cube lamp from wood
    1. Build wooden cube
    2. Sand wooden cube
    3. Screw cube together
    4. Insert E14 bulb
    5. Insert  perforated paper

Benötigte Materialien für Ihre Würfel-Leuchte aus Holz

What you need for your cube lamp:

  • 12 strips of wood: the dimensions in our example: 4x 15.5 cm, 8x 115 cm
  • perforated paper
  • textile cable with E14 socket, plug, switch
  • bracket
  • wood glue
  • adhesive tape
  • sandpaper
  • 2x screws
  • 1x E14 LED light (max. 4W)

Instructions: How to build your DIY cube lamp from wood


1. Build wooden cube
You need: wooden strips, wood glue, adhesive tape
First, glue two frames of 4 wooden strips each. Use the long strips for the bottom and top, and the short strips for the sides. Use the wood glue sparingly: one drop per corner is sufficient.

Würfel-Rahmen zusammensetzen Leisten mit Holzleim zusammenfügen Rahmen zum Fixieren mit Klebeband umwickeln Geklebte Leisten mit Klebeband umwickelt

Wrap the corners with the tape to press them together until the glue is fully hardened. This will take about 1 hour. Then you can attach the remaining 4 strips between the two frames so that they form a cube. Allow the glued strips to harden again. Again, it is best to use tape to fix the glued wooden strips.


Restliche Leisten zwischen den beiden Rahmen fixieren Ferig geleimter Holz-Würfel


2. Sand wooden cube
Use the sandpaper to re-sand protruding corners and edges.

3. Screw cube together
Attach the bracket to the cable of your DIY lighting. This should be located directly below the E14 socket. Now insert the socket into the DIY cube. Screw the angle to one of the ledges with the two screws, thus fixing the cable. In order for the cube to stand straight, you can make a slot in one of the bottom strips for the cable feed through.

Fassung mit Kabel in den Wüfel einsetzen Fassung mit Winkel im Rahmen festschrauben

4. Insert E14 bulb
Now all you need to make your DIY cube lamp glow is the bulb. Be sure to use a LED lamp, as conventional bulbs heat up too quickly and are not suitable for this type of lamp. We recommend that you use a lamp with a maximum of 4 watts.


5. Insert perforated paper
Now insert the perforated paper cut to fit. If the paper does not fit into the cube from above, you can push the folded paper into the cube and unfold it inside the frame. If the perforated paper sits too loosely in the wooden frame, glue it down with conventional craft glue.


Lochpapier in Rahmen einsetzen und ggf. befestigen Fertige Würfel-Leuchte

Now your cube light is ready. Optionally, we recommend to attach slip stoppers on the bottom, so that your furniture is protected. With your DIY lamp you provide decorative light accents and create an atmospheric lighting. Try it out for yourself!


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