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Breaking News: Philips HUE bridge is compatible with Osram lamps

Philips HUE or Osram Lightify? You no longer have to choose. The Philips Hue bridge can work with smart lamps from both lighting companies.

Difference Philips Hue and Osram Lightify

The latest upgrade of the Philips HUE bridge made a step back. It sounds like a paradox but it is very important improvement for consumers.


Previously the Dutch Hi-Tech giant restricted the use of its bridge to only Philips smart bulbs. However, the HUE 2.0 now allows the connection to lamps from different manufacturers. This was already possible before the decision of the restriction. Due to significant customer complaints, Philips opened the doors to the competitor products again.


To test this, we connected the Philips HUE bridge in our office and installed a Philips bulb along with an Osram’s one. Both work perfectly, yet some differences and recommendations should be pointed out.



Good to know! Osram Lightify has now become Ledvance Smart+



How to install the Philips HUE 2.0


To start, the Philips bridge has to be connected to the ethernet cable. However, this does not mean it is a lowgrade feature. In fact, the bridge works perfectly as soon as connected to the internet.


On the contrary, the Osram’s bridge is wireless but it needs to be paired with your home’s wifi. The connection between the router, the bridge and the lamps is weaker and sometimes can be lost.


Once the Philips’ bridge is connected, you can choose among a vast range of apps to control your lights from any iOS or Android device.


Create your own perfect environment with the touch of a button.

What are the differences between Philips and Osram’s bulbs?

As soon as you switch on the lamps, you will immediately notice the difference between the two light outputs. While the Philips light appears to be softer, the Osram bulbs offers a very powerful illumination that brightens and defines any colour .


Considering that you have the option to dim the light output from your app, the choice of the lamps merely depends on your taste. Do you prefer a softer and warmer glow? Then, you should go for Philips. If you prefer a powerful light output, choose Osram.

Philips Hue App



E14 or E27 (Edison Srew) Ledvance Smart+ bulbs

E14 Smart+ LED Bulbs

  • E14 screw socket
  • Compatible with Hue
  • Long lifetime

E27 Smart+ LED Bulbs

  • E27 screw socket
  • Compatible with Hue
  • Good prices!



Other recommendations


The switches on the walls have to be on. If you switch off the bulbs from the mains connected to the wall, you will not be able to control the light from your device.


If your lighting solutions are already equipped with dimmers… You have to fully turn on the dimmers to utilize your HUE or lightify. If the dimmers are not completely turned on, you will be unable to utilise the fully capacity of the Philips HUE. On the other hand Osram keep working through a classic light output but you will not be able to implement the entertaining features of the app.


Try different apps and choose your favourite Philips HUE comes with its own app suitable for iOS and Android. However, there is a huge variety of apps, not specifically from Philips, that can help you to control your lights with amazing features.

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