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Also Mona Lisa switched to LED

The Louvre chose LED technology to light up the most famous painting: the Mona Lisa.

Also Mona Lisa switched to LED

From candles to hi-tech lamps, Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece has experienced every kind of lighting solution, possibly even switching to LED.

Her beauty is beyond comparison, however attention for detail is necessary to be outstanding. And the choice of the light makes a huge difference!

Switching to LED indeed offers many benefits in all respects, starting from making the artwork more appealing by enhancing the quality of the colours, highlighting every shade and creating chromatic effects.

De for instance, presents a colour rendering of about 90%, the highest value of this index. Thanks to this feature, shops and art galleries rely without any doubt on this lamp as the colours placed under its light appear with the highest quality!

Besides using LED to prettify the painting, the lamps equipped with this technology live longer and help to save up to 80% in terms of energy consumption.

In the description of , the specification lifetime says 50 thousand hours!

However, blaming the Mona Lisa for expensive energy bills is not a valid reason for the Louvre to switch to LED. There must be something else!

UV… indeed! UV doesn’t contribute to the experience of the painting’s prettiness, causing just a process of deterioration with no care about the sensitivity of the artwork.

Museums used to apply filters using the traditional incandescent bulbs. But LED technology makes it easier: they eliminated the UV, lifting up the level of protection.

And don’t stop reading only because you believe that LEDs are suitable for museums, shops or art galleries. The features of this technology can also be very useful for professional applications as well as domestic purposes.

Reducing maintenance and energy costs without losing quality of illumination is suitable for any kind of application.

What is more, everyone has their own Mona Lisa at home… a family picture, a particular painting, a souvenir from an unforgettable trip. Light it up with care and quality!

Swtich to LED, the right lighting solution that satisfies all your needs!