Philips CorePro LEDbulbs are the perfect, low energy replacements for your old, energy consuming incandescent bulbs. With their common E27 fitting and sleek white design, they are ideal for common household use.


As a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs, the Philips CorePro LEDbulb E27  are available in 2700 kelvin and 3000k which provide a very warm white and warm white colour, respectively. These bulbs have a very broad range of transformers in which they are compatible with, making the switch from incandescent as easy as possible.


The main reason to replace your incandescent bulb with the CorePro LEDbulb is because of their significantly low energy consumption, which equates to huge savings on your energy bill. Despite the initial investment, which is greater than an incandescent equivalent, the maintenance on these bulbs is also considerably reduced thanks to the LED’s far superior lifetime. Here are some of the typical specifications of the CorePro LEDbulb:CorePro LEDbulb


  • Socket Type: E27
  • Ranging from 4w to 15w replacing wattages from 32w to 100w.
  • 350 – 1521 lumens (relative to wattage).
  • Colour temperature of 2700k (827) or 3000k (830).
  • Colour Rendering Index of 80-89Ra.
  • Average lifetime: 15,000 hours.
  • 3 Years All In Warranty


Due to their classic retro fit, A Shape design, these products are perfect for indoor use in homes and private spaces. With their warm light they are perfect for creating a cosy and homely atmosphere. You can find the perfect replacement for your incandescent bulb here:


Replacing:LEDbulb E27


32W: Philips CorePro LEDbulb 4 - 32W 830 E27
40W: Philips CorePro LEDbulb 6 - 40W 827 E27
48W: Philips CorePro LEDbulb 6.5 - 48W 830 E27
60W: Philips CorePro LEDbulb 9 - 60W 827 E27
75W: Philips CorePro LEDbulb 11.5 - 75W 827 E27
100W: Philips CorePro LEDbulb 15 - 100W 827 E27