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Are there any LED replacements for my high-pressure discharge lamps?

Yes, the Philips TrueForce LEDs are the perfect LED replacements for high-pressure discharge lamps (HID lamps). The old HID lamps including the HPL, SOX and HPI are being phased out because these consume a lot of energy and contain mercury. TrueForce LED lamps are the first plug-and-play LED lamps to replace high-pressure discharge lamps for industry, retail, municipalities and public areas on a large scale.

TrueForce LED lamps provide you with the best of 2 worlds: You save around 74% of energy and these lamps do not contain mercury or other toxic substances. In addition, with these HPL LED lamps, you are guaranteed a long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, which is about 20 years in an average business environment.

The TrueForce LED lamps are all fitted with retrofit fittings. This means a direct LED replacement solution, without having to adjust your current fixture.

Which LED alternative do I need to replace with my gas discharge lamps?

Philips TrueForce LED HPL

Below is an overview of the correct LED alternative to replace your old lamps:

HPL LED alternatives:

HPI LED alternatives:

Philips TrueForce LED HPL

SOX LED alternatives:

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