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LED lights for healthcare


Whether it's a clinic, nursing home or doctor's office: The artificial lighting of rooms in the healthcare sector has to meet all the special tasks and requirements.The right light not only enables the well-being and health of the patient, but also helps to support the doctors and nurses to work efficient.

Which LED lights are for use in hospitality?

healthcare reception

Entrance area

The entrance area is primarily a functional space. Therefore it should be lighted livable and appealing, so arriving patients feel right comfortable from the first minute. The entrance area usually consists of several areas: from the entrance itself, to the reception and often additional waiting areas.

Since corridors and entrance areas often do not have windows, a good lighting solution can help to define the different zones from each other to allow a clear orientation in the area.

patient room

Patient rooms

Nowadays, patient rooms are increasingly designed in terms of material, light and color like hotel rooms.

The design and lighting of the rooms must primarily be in accordance with the patient's feelings. Therefore, in addition to suitable lighting, the colors of the rooms and the color rendering of the light source plays an important role. Here, the use of dimmable LED bulbs and LED fixtures with a warm white color temperature is recommended.


Examination and treatment room

Examination/treatment rooms must fulfill a wide variety of functions and are often used equally as an office place. As a result, the lighting needs to be adapted to the respective needs in a flexible and multifunctional way.

People should always feel comfortable here, on the other hand, the hospital staff needs an effective lighting concept which allows them a glare free view of their patients and technical equipment. In examination and treatment rooms, LED ceiling fixtures with a daylight color and high color rendering may be required.

op room

Operating room

Surgery places are the highest mental and physical challenges for the team. Safety and functionality have priority here. In order to be able to carry out difficult tasks - which often decides about life-and-death - safe and optimal lighting is indispensable.

For optimal lighting, the room should be divided into different zones. The brightest area in the room is the operating table. But not only there, also the rest of the room must be lit very bright and glare-free to exclude problems with the adaptation of the eyes.

Where to buy LED lights?

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Best LED lighting for healthcare?