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Are LED Bulbs Worth The Price?

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"Try conventional bulbs, if you think LEDs are expensive."

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A negative aspect of LED lighting is that the initial cost is still higher than for conventional bulbs. This is only true if you compare the pure acquisition costs. In recent years LED technology has improved and prices will continue to fall. LEDs are not expensive. Always keep in mind that the price of a LED bulb is amortized after already 2,000 hours in operation. Means, If they burn for more than eight hours a day, the switch is worthwhile in less than three years. For example the power savings compared to conventional fluorescent tubes with the same light output are up to 80%. This is mainly due to the much more efficient use of energy. An incandescent bulb, for example, only transforms just five percent of the used energy into light. For LED products, this value is already more than 40 % nowadays.

The first commercially available light bulb was sold around 1,- €. Adjusted to inflation, this would be way more than 20,- € nowadays. So what we're actually paying for LEDs is probably even cheaper to what people were paying for an incandescent bulbs in the past! Yet what we get for our money is a LED bulb that last 25 times as long, has better energy usage and even includes most of the time a warranty duration.

What Do You Get For the Price?

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  • Save up to 80 % energy costs
  • Barely maintenance needed
  • Fast packback of initial costs

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  • Long lifetime
  • Large variety
  • Durability
  • Controllability
  • Newest technology

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  • No harmful chemicals
  • Energy efficient
  • 100 % recyclable
  • No IR or UV emissions

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